Refundable cases are as follows

  1. The product is proven to be fake, false, or an imitation and was not indicated in product description as such. In this case, please provide a lab result or certificate (Only half of the cost of the certificate will be included in the refunded amount) from internationally-recognized gemological lab/institution, namely
    1. GIA
    2. AIGS
    3. HKD
    4. HRD
    5. GRS   
  2. The product is irreparably damaged or got lost during shipping process – Every shipment will be insured to its full amount, should any damage occur during the shipping process, the insured amount will be transferred to the account of your choice

Any other cases apart from these will not be refunded. Please read product description and check dimensions of the product carefully before placing an order. If you have any questions regarding the product, please contact us.

To make a refund request, please provide the following information.

  1. Photo evidence of the damage on your product
  2. Your order number
  3. A brief description of your situation
  4. (In case you believe the product description on our website is misleading or false) A scanned copy of the certificate from the above-listed institutions
  5. Certificate receipt (if any)

Please send these information to [email protected] with the subject “refund request order no.XXXXXXX”

If you have any questions regarding our refund policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.