The best thing to take your interior decoration to the next level. A touch of mineral in your space exudes class and inimitable style, as nature never creates two minerals alike. All mineral specimens in our online store are natural and, apart from carving and polishing, never been tampered with.

Let us help you start browsing by categorising for you.


Nature in all its glory. See the work of million of years in its most untampered form. It’s always mesmerising to look into one of the geodes and see crystal habits

Mineral Carvings

Nature meets craftsmanship and artistry. Each piece carries a story with it.

Polished abstract-shaped mineral

Sometimes the shape nature made is the prettiest of all. Free-form shapes are ideal for the free-spirited ones among us.

Mineral Spheres/Eggs

Adding a touch of nature and colour to your desk is never easier. They come in many sizes, from jawbreaker to bowling ball and larger. Pick your favourite!


Geometric-Shaped Minerals

Some edges to add a touch of style to your space.



Shells and fossilised ammonites, corals, mother of pearl items, etc.